Selling Saint Louis Real Estate-

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STL Today Realty has partnered with our philosophy is simple. We want to make selling a house as easy as possible for YOU,

That’s why we want to offer you the opportunity to have as much or as little control over your listing as you want. Unlike most brokers who charge a set fee whether they sell your house or not, If later you decide that you want to try to sell your house yourself, we have a no questions asked policy, allowing you to drop your listing at anytime. No tricks, no gimmicks and no hidden fees.  

Why would a realty group offer this policy? we’ve found that this policy holds our agents accountable for their listings and makes us work harder for YOU on a daily basis. We know this policy is risky for us (which is why few brokers offer it), but we’re so confident in our ability to meet your real estate needs, that we have no reservations about offering it. It’s like taking out an insurance policy with your realty group. You’re insured maximum effort from your broker and a promise to work for YOUR benefit.      

Have you ever tried taking on a monumental task by yourself? It can be overwhelming. The real estate industry is no different. That’s why unlike independent agents who have to try to make time for the numerous facets that go into a home listing, frees up time for the agents to focus on selling your house as fast as possible. With the industry moving away from independent agents, we have already put measures in place to succeed.

In order to sell your house, have to leave your house! It might surprise you to learn that less than 3 percent of homes are sold because of open houses. That’s why the word out to more buyers through a variety of websites and online marketing tools. We also strive to create a dynamic, realistic experience of your house online, which buyers can access at both their convenience and yours! resources into operating more than 30 of the top real estate websites in the St. Louis market.

When buyers sign up on our website, they have the ability to specify what they’re looking for. If your listing matches their specifications, we’ll send them more information. Our staff of developers keeps these sites current and cutting edge. They also make sure that our listings appear near the top of search engines and are advertised across the Internet. With 90 percent of buyers searching for homes online, it’s more important than ever to be up to date with our online presence.

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